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Thought I'd post a little info for those who have never ice fished or, like me, haven't ice fished in many years. I had to go home to ND for a funeral last week and stayed a couple of days to visit with family. My cousin, Randy, lives outside of Devil's Lake, ND. He has a lake in his back yard (and both side yards too) In fact, there's a stretch of about a quarter of a mile where there's water on both sides of his driveway. Invited to his house for a fish lunch (Northern Pike, Walleye, and Yellow Perch), he offered to take another cousin, raised in Arizona, and me to ice fish for a couple of hours. It was a completely different experience from the ice fishing I did years ago. There were two ice houses on the lake.
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Randy's is a well insulated commercially built 6 by 12 with a 7 ft ceiling, propane heat, 12 V lights and fan and 8 holes. He uses a 40V battery powered ice auger that weighs about 20 lbs and has drilled as many as 22 holes through 3 plus feet of ice on a single charge. He uses a Vexilar flasher as a fish finder (not much finding); he really uses it to tell him if the fish are there and how deep they are. The flasher also has an under-water camera on a separate tether. You control the direction the camera is pointing with a joystick in the flasher housing.
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We were fishing with ice fishing rods and crappie minnows on jigs. In three hours of fishing, we only saw two fish on the flasher and they wandered in and wandered away.
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The other ice house was commercially built on a trailer frame. It's a v-nosed enclosed trailer with styrofoam between the inside and outside aluminum walls, floor and ceiling. You can see the trailer tires, the door on the right side of the vee and there are windows on both sides in addition to the 12 V lights. Randy's son-in-law and the Arizona cousin fished from it. Randy told me that many ice fisherman tow trailer based ice houses from home to lake on a daily basis just as we'd tow a boat. My Arizona cousin managed to bring a decent sized Northern to the hole before it broke off. First time Northern Pike fisherman are always surprised by the ferocity of their final fight. You think you've worn them down and they're fairly passive as you bring them to the boat or the hole and then they really turn it on.

The ice was a little more than 3 feet thick. The outside temperature was about 8 below but both houses were warm enough we could remove one layer (I had four).
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