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Ice Fishing

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First off...................I'm not recommending this...........but I suspect some areas ponds and lakes MAY be safe for ice fishing.....soon. Anybody going to be the first to post a fish caught in the Piedmont through through the ice?:cool:

I would be all over this as I used to do it as a teenager in Northern VA before Global Warming :rolleyes: but going out of town for the week on "work" Friday.:D

Try about 8-12 feet at the inside mouth of a deep cove with minnows and wear a vest and tie a long rope to the shore and have a buddy not as stupid as you on shore.;) Perfect combo of fishincary and mack................with fishincary on the shore :D

Where's Mack when ya need him and he's worth experimenting on?:confused:

Mack if makes you feel better you can slide your canoe out on the ice but I need pics and HD video, but leave that rabbit dog with momma safe and warm and instructions he's mine iffin' you mess up.....cause the poor dog deserves a real hunter on the whistle for once.:eek:
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Where are these so called buddies of mine that r knot stooped as me? Do you chum with warm water when doing this ice fishing?
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