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ICW location advise requested (Onslow area)

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I'm getting bored with trying to find fish in the same New River creeks so I want to try closer to the beach. I would prefer to put in somewhere between Surf City and Swansboro to find flounder or reds. Looking at Google earth, it all looks the same, shallow bays, creeks, and marshes. If you know of any major areas (bays, creeks, islands, etc.) where I have a decent chance in a boat that drafts about 10 inches the information would be appreciated.
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Try putting in at fletchers landing in Snead's ferry. When I fished that area in my boat, I liked going there. Plenty of water to explore and you can shoot down to fish the surf city area, up to fish around lejeune or up river and hit some creeks that I usually do pretty well in.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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