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The Ilander

"One of the finest all-purpose offshore trolling lures made today. World renowned among tournament fishermen as a “fish producer.” Ideal for Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Tuna, Dolphin and King Mackerel. Features a weighted bullet head which allows this lure to be pulled at higher trolling speeds. Commonly, rigged with a large or Horse Ballyhoo and trolled 6 to 8-1/2 knots."

8-1/4" Long — 2-1/2 OZ.
Optional Head Colors: DeepSea Blue – IL401, Emerald Green – IL402, Firehoue Red – IL403, Hot Pink – IL404, Midnight Black – IL405, Chartreuse – IL406, Pearl White – IL407

See photo 1

Ilander Flasher Series

"One of the most popular offshore lures just got better. Iland Lures’ tournament proven Ilander now features a prism mylar outer shell, which adds increased visibility and realism. The Ilander Flasher Series is offered in eight popular fish catching colors. Drop one back in your trolling spread and “light up” your next fishing trip."

8-1/4" Long — 2-1/2 OZ.
Available Colors: BL/WH, BK/RD, BK/PL, BK/ERD, BL/PK, DOL, EPK/EWH, BK/EBL
See photo 2


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