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Hi all. I am the creator and administrator of this new fishing site, I live in Raleigh, NC and work as a film/video producer. I grew up in Mebane, NC and some of my favorite memories as a kid were loading up my fishing rods and biking over to Forrest Lake early Saturday morning to fish. Or the time mom, who was a hair stylist ("Beautician" back then :) ), dropped me off at a customers house to fish their pond. It was a great afternoon of the biggest bluegill popping one cast after another, peppered with a few nice largemouth bass to top it off! And almost every summer we'd vacation for a few days at Carolina Beach and my dad, myself and my brothers would go out for a day of bottom fishing in the Gulf stream. Red snapper, gray snapper, grouper, black sea bass, etc. Then there was that summer dad chartered a boat to troll for kings. My sisters came along and we caught several nice ones, plus a very large barracuda and a small sail fish. I've been hooked on fishing most of my life.

There were several years though, full of career, marriage and kids that kept me pretty busy and I didn't fish much. Until about three years ago when I decided that fishing was something that my sons might want to come home and do with dad someday. So I bought a 21' center console and we've been fishing out of Oriental, mostly, and offshore out of Beaufort about four times. I've chartered with the "Duke of Fluke" and Down East Guide out of Oriental. Great guys and great fishermen! There is a lot of fishing that I want to do that I haven't done yet (tarpon, cobia, striper, wreck fishing, fly fishing for specks in the sounds and brook trout in the mountains, etc.). I've got a lot to learn and hopefully at some point I will have a lot to share.

The desire to share information is why I started this website. I wanted to start a fishing website that would be a source of information for anyone that loves fishing in our state and a place where others can get "hooked" on this great family passion. I hope anglers of all ages from the mountains to the coast will join us here to post your questions, answers, ideas, links, what you catch, how you caught it, why you love fishing and your thoughts on how can we pass on these wonderful North Carolina resources for anglers to enjoy for generations to come.

I appreciate all of you that have already joined and for those of you that are "lurking", take a bite, register and join us!
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