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Inside fishing

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Just came from a land based recon of the water. Seas are 4-6 foot with winds in excess of 20 knots and gusts on top of that. Small craft advisor in effect till this evening. Weatherman says 3-5 foot seas tomorrow with 15-20 knot winds. All coming from the NE & E so its blowing right down on us.

Sounds like a perfect excuse to stay inside the waterway this week-end and fish the sound and creeks. Puppy Drum and flounder here I come! :p
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Weather dind't cooperate today. But did manage to get a few hours in this morning early. Caught a few nice flounder before the rains came. It rained and rained some more. Thunder chased me in after waiting an hour for the rain to clear.

As they say, there's always next time.
Man that weather makes it rough dont it!

Watched the news last night and look'd like it brewed up all day out there....
Agreed, good day to probably catch up on makin rig's or lollygaggin around with a cold beverage.

Welp sorry to hear it,, mabye next time.
That wind might push the fish in a little closer. With gas prices so high it'll be worth the wait if it does. Some times a good blow does the fishing good. AL
Downeasterners refer to the late summer and early fall Nor'easters as good mullet blows.
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