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RALEIGH, N.C. (Nov. 19) – The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission recently posted on its Web site, Welcome to N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, easy-to-use interactive maps to more than two million acres open to public hunting across the state.

The Interactive Game Land Maps Web site allows users to search for and view information about state game lands around their areas of interest. With a click of the mouse, visitors can interactively explore maps using navigational capabilities such as zoom in, zoom out and pan.

Visitors enter specific search criteria, such as city or zip code, and the site returns game land information that meets their entered criteria. While the site was developed primarily with hunters in mind, anglers and wildlife watchers will find it useful too. By using the primary species search function, visitors can access game land maps that provide hunting opportunities for 11 game species and waterfowl, as well as angling opportunities for mountain trout and warmwater fishes.

Once a visitor identifies a specific map, the site provides information about the selected area, such as all the game species found on that particular game land and other amenities available. It also provides a link to a printable PDF of the same map found in the online State Game Land Maps book.

“The site is useful for new hunters or hunters who are new to an area to help them locate what game lands are closest to them and what species are available to be hunted,” said Brad Gunn, section manager for the Division of Wildlife Management. “For example, if I just moved to Raleigh, it would make it easy for me to see immediately which game lands were closest to me without having to go to the map book.”

For more information about the Interactive Game Land Maps Web site or the Game Lands Program, visit the Commission’s Web site,; or call the Division of Wildlife Management, (919) 707-0050.
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