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Fished a local flow yesterday 6pm-9pm.... caught maybe 15 bass , most 1 -1 1/2 lbs. Lost 2 that were pushing 4 but after a mile paddle up I get out and wade and the water is like chilly, really chilly, almost to the point it is uncomfortable. So, I pull out the ole thermometer and the water is what? 75 degrees?.....70 degrees? nope.
I had to take it twice. 62 degrees and it is within 1 hr or Raleigh. Thats all I will say on it but I wonder how well these fish spawn but it is full of fish. All fish caught on Pearl Fluke and white spook.

Tks Mack

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My first assumption was just below a larger dam. The water released out of some of the deeper reservoirs can be quite cool.
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