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INVITE- Shell point to CALO or Close to shore BTB trip April 27th/28th

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Ok so after checking the tide charts and solar-lunar tables, the conditions look good for a float. I have 2 ideas and would love to have some company.. the more the merrier!

April 27th/28th

1. Harker's Island shell point to Cape lookout Bight. The tides are perfect to head out a back for the day or even camp 1 night on CALO. Major times also seem to coincide to these.

2. A surf/beyond the breakers trip. Location undecided but any where from Topsail to Moorehead would be good.

either of these could be one or two day trips-- (i will simply camp out at a nearby campsite).

If this sounds like something you may want to do, just post here and I will do my best to provide logistics and other info as needed.
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Do you look as scary as your avatar? Cause I don't think i'd plan a yak trip with that beast..... It does sound like a blast tho!
Is this better? just don't feed me after midnight! feel free to come!
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I was doing some scheming about a possible 26th (Saturday) BTB at TI, but never got serious enough to make a specific plan. Doing Sunday or Monday (your dates) would not be possible for me. Right now the temps late week and the forecast for Saturday are making it really tempting. Wish I could do Sunday, but that's a non starter. I am still pretty iffy about Saturday, partly because this would a "do it limping" pre-surgery trip.
Just a few things to add,

I am new to the BTB idea and am looking forward to it. Some important safety tips to get started are the basics of PDF, Whistle/horn, light, flag and VHF or other safety device. Deep water recovery practice is a must and might be done anywhere (and should be known for anyone kayaking deep water).

I will also be trying to make similar trips the last weekend of every month. Hopefully everyone will be able to make at least one of these if not more.

For those of you without yaks and interested in doing surf fishing, it would be great to have people ashore as well! I know there has been interest in a surf fishing M&G. While this may not be a big event this year, I am hoping this might turn into the beginning of a official meet for next year (Breakers and Beyond? trying not to conflict with other meets already there).

Hope to see a few familiar faces and meet some new ones!
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Here is a good link with various resources:

scroll down to the PDF someone posted and also check the articles link.
Harkers to CALO bight is quite doable. No breakers, just a shallow water paddle of about 3-5 miles or so to CALO, depending on where you put in. You can see the lighthouse and the bight's on down south of it. If you cross by the ferry channel though you won't make it to the bight without camping. Ferry channel is 14 miles north of the south point. Anyway, I'd hit those salt water creeks a couple miles north of the bight, net some finger mullet and work my way south. Be an awesome trip as long as the wind cooperates and you've got the right gear and supplies.

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I'd hit those salt water creeks a couple miles north of the bight, net some finger mullet and work my way south.
Roger that... thought there might be a red or two hiding in there as well
Anyone interested?
Be an awesome trip as long as the wind cooperates
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