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These guys just continue to bring it! Another three hour, or more, tour Sunday on the top producing F/V Minnow yields more great fishing results.

Our guide, Grant, again took the lead and put us on some NICE speckles. First place he takes us and it's just a short time before I, remember me the former guide, hookup and bring an 18 inch beauty to the boat. Sam, the net man, jumps all over it. Next fish was hooked up by the net man, this fish was 23 inches 3 1/2 lbs:D. At that moment the guide became the temporary net man. Beautiful fish. Next fish hooked was 14 1/2 inches. Funny thing, (NOT big enough for these guys) the boys decided to release it to allow it to grow into a gator. THEN Sam, the net man, again hooks up. This fish jumps up on top and shakes that head, and shakes, and shakes, and shakes that head. All of our mouths were hanging open and I was sure this guy was GONE. But no the net man regains control and eventually brings this bigun alongside for the temporary net man to bring aboard. This monster measures 24 inches and weighs 4lbs 2oz. He had the entire mirrolure in his mouth. All six hook points, he's not getting away. HOLY COW! Remember the net man is still only 12. He's stoked!!

Grant, the guide, not to be outdone; adds two solid fish to our stringer at 20 and 19 inches while continuing to show us new spots. Total keep was eight fish for the day, the smallest being 18 inches and five over 20 inches. Not too shabby. Quality not necessarily quantity. We did however miss several bites. Many of the trout were tasting very delicately. These young fishermen continue to develop their skills and are very lucky that we can find this time to fish.

Also included is a picture of I don't have a clue. Anybody have an idea what this is? It's not a crappie. He was slimy and yucky looking. He went back! As always thanks to NCangler for this forum and to all of the members for your support and great info. Take a kid fishing and catch em up!!


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