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Ok these hateful hard to figure out Bluefins are just about over it is time to start catching some meat. The Yellowfins are here & so are the Wahoos & it is only January. We are fixin to pull the boat & do a makeover on the inside which will only take a few weeks. We managed to do the outside last winter so we figured a little bit of TLC on the inside would not hurt such as fresh paint a new entertainment center for the TV - DVD player etc.. We will be ready to go at it full steam before the end of Feb. so get ready & lets catch some meat. Unless I am mistaken it is going to be March Madness on the S2N this March with the Tunas & Wahoos chewing. Spring fishing is probably my favorite time of year because you have no idea what you will catch it may be Wahoos, Yellowfins, Blackfins, Mahi, King Macks & even a shot at a Billfish. I was looking back at some of last Springs trips we were on our way back in by lunch with limits of Tuna. My plan is to try to do some Make Up trips again this Spring during the week as we did last year until the action slows or we are booked up which ever come first. We met some awesome people & made some great friends from these Make Up trips last year. I hope everyone will come back again this year. Rick (Baywolf) will still be onboard with us again this year as most of you know that has fished with me in the past he is a mad man in the pit he is all about getting the meat. We had a very good Billfish season last year with an almost Grand Slam twice. With several days we came home flying multiple flags. But first things first let get some meat it's time to put out the Witches & see some Tunas snatching on the Teasers.
Capt. Shane
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