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I took my friend Andrew and his son Jack fishing this morning. It was very windy (20 mph) but we decided to give it a try anyway. We headed over to some nice marsh creeks to see if we could find some specks. We did but not before Andrew caught a 17” drum and we each caught some small flounder. I had one BIG trout slam my bait but lost it on the way in on the surface not far from the boat.

Then Jack, age 11, caught his first KEEPER flounder! He had just been saying he wished we would find the “children good luck” spot.

Guess we did! After a few more moves and no hits we moved out to my #1 high water speck spot (big secret, only a few hundred people know about it…lol). And wa-la, Jack made the first cast (right were I told him to cast) and in comes a speck! Two more casts, two more specks. They were spikes but Jack had a blast anyway. Then he cast and nothing. One more cast and one more speck. Then the bite stopped and the rain was coming so we left.

Mission accomplished - we had an inshore nursery slam for the boat, and Jack's first ever keeper flounder and three big, broad smiles!
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