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Jacksonville bass report.

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I got out for about 35 min today after work and went to one of the local ponds. With the weather being so warm the past few days I was going to look to see if the bass were up shallow. I have never fished a jig before so I decided I would try one today. So I tied on a 1/4 oz black and blue flake jig and used a fat ika in the same color as a trailer, then sprayed it down good with some yum garlic scent and pitched out in the grass. I let it sit and the twitched it abit. I thought I was caught up on some grass so I went to pull it free, as it got toward the surface a bass blew up on it and I missed. I let it settle down and hopped it about six inches and my line started swimming off. I set the hook and it's on. It took me about two minutes to get the fish out of the slop, but I got him free. He wasn't a hawg, but weighed about 2.5 to 3 pounds. I was excited because it was my first fish on the jig. I had a few more casts and left, but atleast it was somewhat productive. Hopefully this rain coming will get out of here and I can get out again Sat.


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Thanks, I added a pic.
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