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Jolly Roger 4-21 and 4-22

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The water was muddy, but it should have cleared up by now at the Jolly Roger. Small grunts, small sea mullets, dog fish and a couple of croakers were being caught. Going to try again on Friday and Saturday.

Swing by the Johnny Mercer on the way home, the mud line was a lot farther out and it was windy and choppy. Same fish were being caught except some said something about some small blues. To windy for me out there.

Maybe the water will be nice and the big fish will come in for this weekend.
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Southernmost pier on topsail island about a mile or two north of the inlet
Took the boat out (Porters Neck) on Tuesday afternoon on a checkout ride after changing plugs/wires/gear oil. Cruised ICW, Nixon Channel and it was blowin with a few whitecaps. Water was greenish and murky from all the rain runoff. Visibility was about 2 feet and 59 degrees. Soaked some cut bait for about an hour or so with two short flatties for the effort.

Motor ran great, and it was SUNNY! For a while there I thought I was kidnapped to Seattle.
Looks like some rain may be likely Friday PM. I am planning to be somewhere on the beach around North Topsail Saturday.
Thought about trying to go down to Ocean Crest pier down in Oak Island. Still on the fence. The water is a little warmer and the bite supposedly a little better.

Any suggestions.
Ocp's water temp should stabilize around 64-64 during the day Saturday. Probably a decent bite of sea mullet with some spots and some black drum and bluefish or maybe even a red drum or pompano.
WB (JMP) was creeping up on those water temps when I looked earlier also. I am committed to my Saturday TI plan at this point. Debating whether or not to take the kids surf yak (I will take my skirted SIK) with those temps. Probably will; they can paddle out 100' and have fun surfing back in.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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