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Fished Jordan today from 6 to 4. Knowing there was a triathalon going on and not knowing where the lake might be closed off I made sure to get an early start to be sure I could get to where I wanted to go before they started. Being that I was in a hurry, I didnt stop for gas in the boat and had less than I thought so that kind of made me think twice before I ran around too much. Monday, there wasnt a shallow bite to be had and a buddy has been catching some good fish offshore so that was kind of my plan for the day was to fish offshore. I started out running a few topwater spots without a sniff, did catch a white bass on a crankbait at one of them. It was still early and I couldnt resist fishing shallow for atleast a little while. I went down a bank with a jig and stuck a 3 lber, a few minutes later I pulled it over a limb and a 4 lber exploded on it like he was busting a frog. I ran to another are with similar features and picked up another rod with a swim jig on it. About 10 casts in and a 3.5 lber jumped all over it. Over the next hour or two I caught a 2 lber and several small fish on jigs. That bite kind of died off so I went back to my original plan of fishing offshore for the rest of the day. I caught a white bass and a 13 incher on a crankbait and 2 or 3 on a shakeyhead, also a 5-7 lb catfish. I also saw a jetski brian wannabe, he had a jetski rigged out similar to brians with a trolling motor on the back.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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