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Took the kayak out of the Farrington ramp. Before I talk about the fishing I have to say this is by far the nicest ramp to launch a kayak from that I have found so far. I love the dedicated ramps that you can back down to the beach and load and load without having to worry about backing up boat traffic

If anyone knows of any other ramps on Jordan or Falls that are good for launching kayaks please share on this post

Now the fishing it started off slow and I was only catching small ones less then 1lbs then the wind picked up and this started to wakeup the little bit bigger ones nothing huge but still fun to catch.

I was getting them on a green pumpkin Ned rig and a green pumpkin senko Texas rigged weight less

The Ned caught my bigger fish
The attached pick is one the bigger ones it’s was a little over 2 lbs


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