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I got out on Jordan today. It was crazy busy with everything from jet ski’s to paddle boarders and everything in between

I have to say it was a beautiful day to be out.
I got out around noon and fished until about 3

I got two on a Ned rig pictures below. The smaller one was around 2 or so and the the larger one was around 3 - 31/2 if I had to guess

the first one didn’t really hit hard she just picked it up and the line went slack she didn’t even swim with it. She also didn’t give a good fight she just made one run and that was it

the second one hit it hard and mad a few good runs before I got her in the net

i tried a jig for the last hour with no luck.

all and all it was a good day to get out and enjoy nature and it’s a plus to have a few tight lines
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