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It was a nice day on the water I went out of the Farrington ramp and fished the rip rap.
I got on the water at 10:30 and had my first fish by 11. I thought it was going to be a great day but I didn’t get another bite until 3. The wind picked up and this seemed to turn the fish on I caught 4 more in about a 20 minute time span. they were all in that 12 to 14 inch size range

my two biggest are pictured below. There were a lot of boats out that had the same idea I had about fishing the rip rap but I didn’t see any of them catching anything but small white bass around the bridge. It looked like they were all fishing swim baits or crank baits the best I could tell.

I got my first on a Texas rigged lizard dragging it slow about 10-15 feet off the rip rap. The last 4 were on a Ned rig also 10 to 15 of the rip rap

The water level was down about four feet from the last time I was on the lake and that was just last week not sure what is causing the level to drop so fast i just hope it slows down or starts to rise a little all the lay downs I like to fish are on dry land as of today and without electronics it’s tough to find those off sure brush piles

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