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I finally got a weekend at home and decided that I would take the wife and son to Jordan for a little Crappie outing. We arrived about 830a and found the surface temp at 63.5 degrees. We decided to start fishing shallow in a little spot that I found on my last visit. We picked up a couple of Crappie right off fishing in 3 ft of water about a foot a half deep but the bite slowed pretty soon afterward.

The wind picked up later in the morning so, we looked for a coce that sheltered a little better. In the process of moving around I marked some fish in 6ft of water. Then we began to fish over them at 3 ft of depth and we picked up a few 12 inch Crappie. The wife and son kept me busy baiting line over this hole for quite while before the bite turned of that spot .

After that I moved around tossing to the edge of brush piles and picked a few more as little as 6 inches deep. After going through almost 5 dozen minnows I broke out the Fly Rod and managed to pull in few more with Chartruese Clouser before we called it a day around 3p.

Back at the boat ramp, some club was finishing their weigh in and it looked like the Bass were on this afternoon as well. I watched one fellow release a bag of five fish all 5 pounds or better and another guy behind with one fish around five pounds.

Great Day on the water with family. We even managed to boat a couple of small Catfish. The fishing will only get better from here on.

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