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I took the kayak out on Jordan today it was a weird weather day. It started out foggy and over cast and then the wind picked up and the sky’s got dark like it was going to rain and then just as fast the sun came out and it warmed up nice and then disappeared again and the wind picked up again.

The fishing started off slow I only had a small one about 10 inches for the first hour or so then it picked up I caught 12 altogether and lost two at the kayak.( I’m still honing my netting skills with the kayak)

my largest was 2 1/2 I have attached a few pics below. I got most of them on a Ned rig and the rest on a senko. They were hitting harder then they were the other day

I got them all a few feet off the rip rap

Water Sky Cloud Fisherman Fish
Cloud Sky Hand Water Liquid
Water Sky Cloud Vertebrate Fisherman
Water Sky Cloud Vertebrate Salmon-like fish
Water Cloud Sky Body of water Fisherman
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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