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Two days of getting up at 3:30AM and two hot and tough days on High Rock Lake had me hitting the snooze button hard this morning. I finally got my butt out of bed and got to Jordan about 7:30. Conditions were perfect for a topwater bite so thats how I started the day. I ran to my first spot and started chunking a spook. It took about 10 minutes before I had one boil behind it 4 or 5 more twitches had me thinking he wasnt gonna take a second shot but he exploded on it, 4 lber. Over the next 30 minutes or so I caught 4 more in the 2-3 lb range, they all crushed it, one even had it all the way in his mouth head first. Fished my way to another little point and caught another about 3 lbs. I tried 2 or 3 more places real quick without a bite. Being that I already caught enough to call it a good day, I decided to shift my focus and work on honing my offshore skills. My first stop was a point on a channel ledge, picked up a 15" on a deep crank. Checked another rock ledge with a c-rig and crank, nothing but perch pecks. I moved to a ledge with some brush on it where I had a good fish wrap me in the brush last week. After about 20 minutes of chunking and winding a deep crank I hook up, it pulls hard and I dont make much ground after about 20 seconds it lets go and I have a straight hook, could have been a foul hooked fish or maybe I had 2 at a time and lost them both... ill never know. A few casts later I catch a 2 lber. I hit 6 or 7 more places, some old, some new without a fish. My last spot is a point where I have been getting bit on a c-rig the last few trips. I spend 20 minutes dragging around the sweet spot without a sniff, I get hung up and pull it free, a quick glance and the hook looks OK and I start casting to different places on the point. A few casts later I pull and it pulls back, I set the hook and can tell its a good fish, about 1/2 way to the boat the hook just pops out, closer inspection reveals it was slightly bent when I pulled it off the snag, laziness got the best of me and cost me a fish. A new hook and 3 casts later I stick a 3 lber. Drag for a few more minutes and call it a day.



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