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Jordan Lake Poe's Ridge Kayak Launching?

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Does anyone have any experience or feedback for launching kayaks at Poe's Ridge launch site on Jordan lake to do a little fishing?
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Didn't you and I paddle there a few years ago? I was about to relay some old info and then I realized who was asking. :)

I have definitely fished there with my usual M.O. - make the occasional "bass cast" with a big lure but mostly catch panfish. There was a nearby shallow cove that I remember being pretty good.
Hey Andy, we launched and fished Robeson Creek.
Yeah, I have fished that a few times also. My memories run together and I can't remember where I went with who and when sometimes. I am certain I have put in there before. It's the one where you drive past the dam and the head off to the left, correct? It was a smallish parking lot with pretty much nothing but the ramp as far as facilities go. I have thought about going back sometime if the stripers start getting some size to them since it would be a short paddle to the dam. Not this year though; I am having surgery soon for a torn rotater cuff, bone spurs and other bits of junk in my shoulder and the recovery will pretty much rule out paddling this year.
Poe's is fine. There is a cove across and slighly ight from the ramp. Great place when they are shallow. If you want to paddle all the way out to the dam, hit the island directly across from it.
Great info. Thank you very much.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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