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jordan lake this past weekend

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hey guys sorry i hadnt posted on here in a while but i have been put onto 2nd shift and that really stinks. and i really mean that. but anyway i was just gonna post a report on jordan lake. the striper fishing has really stunk this last 3 or 4 weeks due to no rain and the stripers have really just gotten to the point of not biting. but on a good note if you really want to have some fun just go out for the crappie and i do me some slabs they are hitting just about anything that you put down there. this past weekend i caught 3 trolling for stripers.i was using a 3 inch white sassy shad and a half oz. red jig head and they loved it. all 3 fish were over 2 lbs and 1 was almost 19" long. im talking if you want to try for some of them fish they were biting.other than that the stripers were not doing anything right now
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Roger that! if we hadn't of run out of live minnows this last Monday, I think we could 've caught more crappies.

Thanx for the report... and wonder'd what happend to ya! ;)
Thanks Junkie. Might have to make a run for the Crappie at Jordan. Any chance of launching at Ebenzer?
right now they have 4 ramps open there are 2 at the boat docks on the left hand side and the the 2 across the parking lot that dont have docks.
also for all who read this if you are planning to goto jordan and launch from ebenezer boat dock ther are a few things you should know.
1.if your boat is 22ft or bigger you should use the very outside ramp that is closest to the road.

2. if your boat is less or a shallow running boat(skiff style)then you can use either of the ramps.

3.the boat dock on the left is also able to be used but just be careful.
when you are at the end of the boat dock its like 5 ft deep.

a friend of mine was up there the other day and had a 34 ft sail boat launch out of the far left ramp without any trouble so anybody should be able to use that ramp.
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Wow, those are some nice crappies junkie. Congrats. What depths were they hitting at? You catch them in the S turns?
Jordan is sounding real good!!
19", man that is huge. give a pic up my man. I have never seen one that big. I know you have a pic.
well im finally back on here again. man i hate having to work all the time and i hate to tell you guys but i didnt keep that crappie the other week. but i will tell you this. one of my buddies went down to the lake and caught 10 fish that weighed over 18 lbs. and had 4 that were between 16 and 19" all the fish are running deep. but the ones we caught were trolling bucktails at 3 mph and fishing around 20 ft deep. right now im at a hotel in murray SC fishing a striper tournament.
i will post some pick from down here thie weekend.
Good luck in the tourney, hope you catch 'em up!
well this is how it went thursday the wind blew 25+mph and i was riding 4 ft. waves in my 18 ft boat. caught just a few fish all were small. friday went back out onto the lake at 6:30 and fished till 5 that evening and only caught 7 fish all but 1 were under the 21" size limit that sc has on the lake the 1 fish weighed around 6 lbs. then tourney day man how things change. went up the lake and ran for about 8 miles and finally sat down and started fishing and the action was on. finally shut down around 11 this morning but we managed to boat 14 fish and came in 3rd in the tourney.most of them were keeper fish and i will post some pics of them on here tomorrow.had a blast. had another guy fishing right close to me and i think he caught around 20 or so. man i love that lake.
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sounds nice!! good job!
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