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jug lines, limb lines, trotlines Setup?

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I'm just trying to find away to set my lines and not have a big mess at the end of a day. Maybe ya'll have some ways you've done things in the past. I need a better setup.
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Guess nobody does this in NC.
I use to set a line for cat fish with a fellow who had done it for years. But I never learned how he did it . He kept his line in a styroform bait bucket, he hooked his hooks around the top of the bucket and went around the bottom with the the line. It came out great and went back the same way. But I guess it was some kind of art for him becuse I never could get the hang of it. But he never had a mess. Sorry I couldn't help more.
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jugs are the easyest to do. the trick is no more than 4 feet of line during the warmer months. large hooks -i like 5/0-12/0 circle hooks- don't be stingy with the bait. 1/2 a big frozen shad or a whole little one. i use live whole white perch or a brim in high rock as it has mostly flatheads..

i tryied trot lines they are a mess as you can not use enough weight to keep the line straight. a big cat will move a cinder block..

i run no more than 25 jugs at a time- i used laundry soap jugs- always use a jug with a screw on lid.. big cats will pull a jug down 30-40 feet and water pressure crushes the jug. you lose a jug and the fish. i seen guys use 5 gallon peanut oil jugs to keep the big 40+ pound fish from running down deep and staying down with it.. i have had to chase jugs several miles to get the fish..

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This was what I was looking for Limb lines and jugs work best in the Newport River. This river is fresh water but is affected by saltwater tide kind of weird, huh. Thanks again I will use this tommorow mourning high water is around 0800 am , I got a hole freezer full of perch.

Thanks guys.
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