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Just lookin a partner to show me the ropes around here

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New to the whole triangle lake fishing deal, most of my stuff is done in Southeast NC, but would love to have some of oyu guys that do alot up here and know the lakes well to show me around and do a little bit of teaching in the process. Im 20 years old and still learning everyday and every cast. IF you have a trip planned and dont mind a young'n to tag along be sure to give me a message or call at (919)922-9303.

thanks for the help and I hope we can make some big memories.

John L. Tart, III
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Ive been wanting to make it up to jordan. Ive never fished there. I'll be racing this weekend. but maybe next weekend or well maybe friday we can get a few of us together and catch some fish.
hey guys i posted it on another part of this site so i will repost it here.i fish jordan alot in the summer months and i do alot of fishing in the evening during the week down soon as the bite takes off i will start posting when im going and if i have room for anybody and all you guys will have to do is just meet me at the ramp.and you can go with me.the only problem i have is that my boat is only 18 ft and cant handle more than 3 people at a i would only be able to take 2 people out when i go.sometimes my wife goes with me and sometimes she has to work late during the when the bite really takes off ill post on here when im going and you can just get with me and see if we can get on some of those rockfish.
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Ive never caught a striper been wanting too.
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