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Just registred and wanted to say good evening to all anglers of N.C.

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I'm in Johnston co. and catching hand size crappie and larger on live minnows and few bass a 1lb-2lb also on minnows in small ponds. Looking different places to go around Johnston co.! My wife & I have fished Jolly Roger pier at Topsail Jan.06 and caught nothing but sharks 10lbs and less.That's it for starters! Good evening.
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Ten-pound sharks... wow, I wish I could get a day that bad... :rolleyes: My biggest shark was pushing ten INCHES.

Welcome aboard!
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Welcome Bass Hunter. Check out the freshwater section.
Welcome Bass Hunter to! There are some great private ponds in Johnston County. Caught a 7lb. 13oz. bass a few years back over there while fishing with my grandfather. A great memory. We look forward to your participation. :)
glad to see you here
if i caught a 10 pound shark wow i dont know what i would do but i have caught a 63 lbs. tuna before took me 30 min to reel it in
Welcome aboard, Bass hunter. I don't know how the shark taste from Topsail beach, but I know they have the best Oysters in the whole world!! Thanks to Topsail angler.
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Welcome Bass Hunter! Hope you can make it back down to Topsail when the water warms up a bit. It's pretty hit or miss this time of year from the pier.
Welcome aboard. Hope to see reports from ya in the future.
Welcome aboard Bass Hunter. I used to fish a number of ponds in Johnston county. As for those sharks they were probaby spiny dogfish and very good to eat. Just take it easy on them as it take 11 yrs or more to mature.
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