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Maybe I do things wrong but when I need something I decide what I want and how much I am willing to spend and then work backwards to get what I want.

I wanted, nope, sorry, I needed a kayak cart. My criteria was to have something for less than regular use, be less expensive than the ones at REI, and would get any flat tires.

I have seen some of these fancy rigs like Guffey built and thought, well that looks easy enough, I will just build my own. That idea went down the tubes when I saw the price on wheels for my rig. I don't have anything against PVC but enough that I have seen it crack or break under extreme conditions (which describes the environment of about everything I own). So I started shopping.

I finally ran across the Wheeleez WZ1-BW when I was looking for reasonably priced wheels/tires. It is offered by a lot of resellers but I ordered direct from Wheeleez and got mine for a measly $62.49 delivered to my front door.

I haven't used it a lot but I am happy with it so far. The wheels aren't as big as the ones the rich folks get but get the job done. It does fit in the canoe easily and the wheels are attached with pull pins if you need to take them off. I did find that if I am on anything less than pavement or a manicured path I will need to use the straps to hold the canoe on. The only complaint I read about was people that would tie it to the truck and head off to the beach. The wheels are very low speed (pull behind my tired butt) only. offers a pretty good assortment of wheels/tires as well as some decent looking carts.

Rating - 5 stars bang for the buck 4.5 stars overall
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