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kayak fishing near emerald isle

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will be fishing near EI/swansboro area this saturday (12/6), but might head to beaufort/morehead city area. anyone kayak fishing that general area on saturday?

PM me for cell #.

Joel Elliott
orange Tarpon 120
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Hey Joel. I've been trying to protect this sat for a coastal trip - don't really care where. Mon/Tues usually work a little better for me, but if folks are going on Saturday I can try to make that work. MR2fish also posted about a saturday trip. I think he's from the Durham area too. We might have the makings of a road trip.
Getting up early and heading for the haystacks (marshes west of Beaufort) to try and find GanzAndere & yak4fish, both of whom have a 3 hour head start on me. Hope they'll save one or two for me!
How did it go guys?
How did it go guys?
So far, so good. Caught the 4:20am alarm. Next stop: Coffee! Will get a post up tonight when I get back....
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Hook 'em up, Fellers...
Hooking Happened. At least 8 drum and 1 trout between us. Will post a blog/report once I confirm some details with the other guys.
Anyone been around the haystacks area in Morehead lately? How about down around White Oak River area in Swansboro? Just got my new OK Prowler and wanting to wet it down.

I would appreciate what's been happening where, lately.

Thank you all.
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