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Kayak King Mackerel-Preferred Trolling Baits?

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I've done my fair share of kayak fishing for kings off the beach at Topsail. A group of us are going to try it again this weekend, and I was curious to see if other kayak anglers have had success.

What is your preferred bait of choice when you troll with a yak? I've floated balloons in the past with live pogies, large mullet or blues. But this go round I'm putting out a spanish and king rig and trolling about a pier length or two out, up and down the beach.

Anyone else ever have problems with "drowning" their live bait when they free-line troll a Pogie or other king baitfish behind their yak? I like to troll naked live baits when I do, but also wondered if anyone else uses skirted baits with success while kayak kinging?
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Cant help you specifically for kayaking but Pinfish seem to be the most durable baits I have ever used for staying alive. Hook them through the eye sockets or under the chin up through the snout is how I set them out on piers etc. Lets them swim and ride the current without spinning or drowning. A trailer treble can be placed in the tail.
Anything you're doing will be almost guaranteed to be a lot more successful if done in the Oak Island area.
Just remember with blues if he can get to your line he will cut it.
#1 your using steel leader for kings right? #2 your mono leader should be thick enough to handle a little bluefish. #3 your trolling. Or am I not understanding something?
My two favorite baits for kings used to be blue fish and smaller Spanish macks. Dunno how well they would last trolling but blue fish are fairly durable. I'd rig it with a rig with two stingers. More times than not they smack the tail end of a fish and come back once it's disabled, if it looks natural which most of the time it doesn't when
on a rig.
I troll out on Topsail also, maybe one day we'll run into each other. I haven't had much success last year or this year but I'm thinking of trolling around the inlet in the south end of Topsail this year around mid July. I usually let out blues or grass shads. I have used pin fish with no luck but I've caught kings from the pier on blues and shads and blues tend to stay alive as lot longer during the troll.
Try it in late Sept to mid October next to beach...
I've used both pinfish, spanish and pogies and the pinfish seem to be the toughest. I second the naked rig vs the skirt, but just depends on the water clarity I think.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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