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I can't imagine a better day. Beautiful weather, lots of fish and top notch scenery always gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Castman7 and myself loaded the yaks at daybreak and was in the water at around 6:45 am. Like a professional, I slipped up and was floating on my back down a rapid by about 7. This is a serious wake up call when it's cold river water and it's that early! My brother had a nice laugh to which I didn't forget when he ended wrong side up as we were about to take the yaks out some 8 hours later! Comical to say the least considering both incidents happened in the same EXACT hole! Smiles and chuckles are still being had at each other's expense.

Enough of that, let's get to the fishing:

Within 20 minutes of putting in this morning I had landed 4 species, and all came from the same small but productive hole between a couple rapids (not far from where I lost much of my pride). Brown trout, rainbow trout, smallmouth bass and sunfish all came from the same pocket of water within that short time period.

We lost count on exact figures but we ended the day somewhere in the neighborhood of 35-40 fish total. The before mentioned species were active moments throughout the day as well as green sunfish and rock bass.

Packing lunch turned out to be a swell idea seeing how wading up a river will take the energy out of you quickly....a nice flat rock under some laurel made an excellent makeshift dining room with the river being our view, it doesn't get any better than that!

Ended up getting some nice follows from sizable fish that just weren't getting fooled today but that's fishing, it happens. I did see a strange occurrence and maybe some of you can chime in with your own insight: I seen the flash of a fish in current then it was gone. Naturally I placed my fly in that vicinity and within minutes seen the fish again. It never hit my fly but turned out to be a catfish in the 1lb region and it was coming to the top of the water and poking it's entire mouth above the surface....weird? It actually ended up within a couple feet of me just drifting around but seemed healthy.....ideas?

My brother and I had a total blast today and are looking forward to our next river excursion. Thanks for reading and good fishing to you!

P.S. We seen a goldfish/koi in the river today around 8" long....that was a first. It's the picture that's not clear at all but it's the best I could do without spooking it.

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Just spectacular photo's. Makes me yearn for a small stream float. Beautiful. Too bad there's no photos of either of you losing your dignity....but then again if you never get wet in a yak or canoe you ain't fishin'!
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