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Kerr Lake 8/6

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Just one of those days when we should have stayed in bed.

Got the Triumph unloaded at Flemingtown and discoverd the battery was dead and I did not bring my battery pack. Got the boat spun around and the truck pointed down the ramp almost in the water and charged up the battery for about 10 minutes or so, then swung the boat out a bit and got it started. Successfully backed the trailer back up the ramp and got parked. Thankfully no one was waiting to launch, or we would have just pulled the boat and gone home.

Ran up to the mouth of Nutbush and did some drifting with the engine idling. Marked lots of fish on the bottom, but no takers on the shrimp and minnows we had. Left there and ran over to the Rockwall area and spent an hour or so there drifting the bottom and 25' down under a slip float. Had a couple hits on the bobber, but no hookups. Ran out to the channel and Dad managed to get a smallish cat, maybe 2 lb or so, which turned out to be our keeper for the day.

Hit a cove on Nutbush peninsula on the way back to the ramp for maybe an hour, two smaller throw back cats.

Ran back to the ramp and we smacked the rocks beside the ramp while loading, minor chips to the prop and lost a bit of the skeg. Came the heck home. We did something to the transducer while we were charging the battery, as it only registered at slow speed, probably just knocked it up or down a notch, so will be looking that over this week.

Never shut off the engine, so hopefully the battery got a good charge in the 5 hours we were on the water.

Oh well, the water was about perfect, could not believe there were not a lot more boats on the water than there were.

Maybe next week we can dredge something up trolling in the Arima. At least it looks like the cats are coming out from wherever they have been hiding, which is a good thing. Cannot believe we did not get mobbed by small perch, but I guess they just weren't all that hungry today.
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