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Kerr Lake Help

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I recently purchased a SOT kayak for fishing. I live very close to Kerr Lake and would like to get some fishing time on the lake. Can anyone provide some worthy information about where to put in and where to go?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I've only fished it from kayak a few times, always in Nov-Jan, trolling crankbaits or drifting curly tails for stripers. Usually launching from either Occoneechee state park ramp and fishing around the bridges or from Longwood. One time I tried County Line. The lake almost always produces something for me.

No idea what to do with it this time of the year, though. I know the bass tournament guys seem to like it when the water is up in the bushes, but beating the banks is not my favorite use of a kayak. Of the 3 launches I've seen, I'd take Longwood for the majority of the year - nice mix of deep water and access to the creek area. More room to roam than county line and some protection available from the wind. But I probably haven't seen 1/100th of the lake.
right now, if you want to fish at night, stripers are chasing shad thats spawing up on shore, get you a 5 inch redfin throw it up on shore and crank it back to not know what part your at but rocks right of dam is good place..just listen for bait splashing. or catfishing is good anywhere anytime at buggs. get you some cut bream,shad,crappie, or chicken. bass fishing off points or if water still high try up in bushes..or for stripers go to bob's get your two planer boards slow drift live jumbo minows or live shad around humps.crappie should be around bridges now,fish the pillings clarksville. you can put in at any boat ramp. occenechee boat ramp in all fishing right there. hope this helps do lot of fishing there myself,maybe we can get together.
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Guys thanks for the information that you have provided so far.

Bustman I would like that. I'm out of town on business and should be home Monday night. PM sent.
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