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King Fishing Anchor rod

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Ok so I finally got my new reel for king fishing, the Convector CV-55 :p, and now I have slight doubts about both my anchor rod and ability to cast said rod far away enough to fish for kings. I have a 9ft Quantum Blue Runner spinning combo w/ about 275yds of 20#. I was told that this would be ok to use as an anchor rod, yet the smallest recommended rod is 10'.

Is that extra foot really that important or can I sling the weight far enough away so that I can get out there? And how far away do I need to be from the pier?
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Nice equipment malibu, I'm jealous :) How are you liking that saltist?

Good to hear about the momoi, I was often curious about getting some in the 16lb, but never have.
that saltist throws like a dream, super smooth. i did take it apart and clean the factory oil out of the bearings and put a little less than 1 drop of quantum hot sauce oil back in them and that made a pretty big difference. i am still kinda scared of that penn. you can back the magnets off, spin the handle a few times fast and pop it into freespool and itll spin for about 3 minutes.
Thanks for all your help and suggestions guys. I had a lot of fun the two times I actually got to King fish. No hits though, just a lot of hooks in my hand and aggravation with the anchor I bought. The people on the pier were kind enough to help me with all of the problems, and trust me I had a lot of those.

Till next year when I try again!
we started making our own anchors, 5 1/2 oz and the wire is drop ceiling wire. they hold really well, and they usually always pull at the end of the day.
How do you make your own anchors? The one I bought in the store was crap because it didn't have a long enough neck at the top and kept slipping.
It's easy to do, heck I even sell them...All you need is time, and patience :) I use SS welding rod, conduit pipe, lead, and go to town! :)
we have a do it mold that has been modified to fit larger wire. reelkingin, how stiff is the stainless rod?
Not stiff at all...I use 2 different sizes, what I sell is alittle larger than coat hanger wire...Jusat alittle pullat the end of a long fishing day :) I use thick wire for my personal use, I use heavy rod & reel & fish real tight line, pitb to get up at the end of the day. But worth it to me :)
What is the best casting technique for a 15’ ugly stick being used for an anchor rod for distance
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