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king fishing off pier

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How do I go about setting up my tackle for king fishing. I have the anchor rod but I really need to know where/how to obtain the actual weight. Also, wats the best set up for my fighting rig as far as reel. I have a Penn 4/0...Wat line size. Thank u n advance...
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You can buy the anchors at any pier that allows king fishing. 30 pound mono for that 4/0
Id go 20 on a 4/0 to get more capacity
How far you figure on pitchin' that anchor, Pirate? :D
How far you figure on pitchin' that anchor, Pirate? :D
The 4/0 is Talking about his fighting rod. On an anchor rod I go 25 mono all the way to my anchor
DOH! My mistake. I also lean toward more line over strength once you are safely above what you are likely to set the drag at.
use the search bar up top, there have been many discussions on pier fishing for kings, use search words like Pier, King, Kings, Anchor. Kinging.
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