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King Mack tactics

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I started saltwater fishing in NC. The military moved me down here to the gulf coast of Florida. Its a whole new experience and not always for the better. Cobia fishing here for the 2 months they are in the area is awesome. If you get a chance spend the money and head down to partake. When the Cobia are moving towards the spawning grounds they cruise along the beach in 10 feet of water and you site fish for them. With this comes some unfriendly encounters but for the most part it is really fun. I live in an area where charters are a huge part of the economy and questions you ask a guy in NC that starts a friendship and a learning experience, will get you almost punched here.

Maybe I am slow to learn but something I have learned here that I was unaware of in NC is trolling plugs for King Mackeral. Blue Stretch 25s to be exact will absolutely get destroyed by kings here. I am moving back to NC soon and was wondering if anyone has used this tactic back in NC.
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they'll smack a stretch but they'll smack a drone spoon or a live pogy faster
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