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SUNDAY 3-5-06: Well we did it!!! We took the weather mans forecast and headed offshore today. We were beginning to wonder if he had missed it though. It was down right nasty going out this morning. A brisk NW wind was blowing the seas up and they were close together. Several times I almost aborted the mission, but I kept telling myself that I had been in a lot worse. Guess the older you get the less you like it rough!! You can get an idea of what the seas were like by looking at the pictures on the right, then look at how it laid down that afternoon by looking at the water at the Tower that evening. The winds went from NW to SW, and the reversal of the winds will lay it out like that!!

The water has been cold offshore for the past few weeks. But we were on a mission to find some King Mackeral to start getting our Federal King Mackeral Permit qualified for this year. The water at the Tower was 63 degrees, normally a bit cool for King Mackeral, but not today, they were there. We had a good bite up to around mid afternoon then they slowed way down.

When they slowed, we fished a little for some bottom fish. We did pretty good on those also. Caught some big black bass, also some decent B-liners and some huge Grey Snapper. The sharks were not too bad all though we did catch plenty. We even hooked up with some that proved to be too much for our 50 lb. test line!! We caught just enough bottom fish for a couple of fresh fish dinners, then we decided to head to the hill.

OK King Mackeral Fishermen and women, this is the news you have been waiting all winter to hear. Get a pretty day, go get 'em. We will see you there either on the way to the Gulfstream or after we limit out at the stream and stop there on the way back to finish up a day of fishing. That's right, Gulfstream fishing will be in full swing in just a few weeks. The fish are there we just need weather where we can go to them!!!

As for the King's today. We trolled frozen cigar minnows today and they seemed just happy as could be to eat 'em!! If you wanted to jig up live ones, you shouldn't have any trouble there were plenty there to jig up!! Get the boat out of mothballs and take it to Mike at SUPPLY BOAT CO. in Supply and get her tuned up and checked out so you will be ready to go fishing when you have the chance. Wait till the last minute to get it done and instead of fishing you will be waiting in line instead of being out catching those first fish of spring!!! IT IS TIME!!!! BE SURE TO SEE THE PIC'S ON MY SITE AT Till next time, FISH ON!! Capt Butch Foster, Capt Chris Foster, and "Private Bodie" the fish dog says HI!!!!. YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS, SOUTHPORT,NC.(910)845-2004.
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