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I have recently read some interesting articles about kite fishing from shore - primarily in New Zealand and South Africa - and have started playing with the concept at local beaches. My initial soirée into the topic was a trial to see if the idea would fly (excuse the pun).

I built a 14" square kite and rigged it according to plans I found in an old kite magazine (more about that when I can relocate the link). Over a weekend near Southport, I had my first test flight and was pleasantly surprised at the results. Once the kite bridle was adjusted properly and the right amount of tail attached (bad joke in that line), I launched into a moderate breeze of about 6 - 10 kt. The little kite stripped off about 300 yards of line and carried its load of bait, weight, sighting float, and a liter water bottle half-full of water as ballast. I was rewarded on my first attempt with a nice spot.

Now, my question ... does anyone have any experience with kite fishing from shore? I am currently trying several kite designs and will report as things develop.
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