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Kudos to Power Pole.....

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On Mon. I busted off the fiberglass rod / anchor on my Power Pole.
Mon. afternoon I called JL Marine the manufacture of P.P. sent a couple of pictures for reference.
On Wed. received my replacement, plus the shrink wrap.
Installed & working great.
Now that's customer service.
Thank you Nathan at JL Marine. ...... ICM
View attachment 70530 follow up pictures to come.
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How did you bust it?
Not sure. Just set it like always, could have been a weak spot. ...... ICM
dang trigger that video is CRAZYYYYY!! :eek:

JL Marine has always had great customer service. I have had a couple of issue with my PP and they have always taken great care of me. BTW....If you ever bust the hydraulic tubing, you can get some at FP Fensel supply company out on Hwy 421 for a fraction of the cost that PP wants. It's not colored, but it works great!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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