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water was 70 degrees and clear -well duh-lnville side was very clear-35+ feet visability- catawba side was cloudy-10 feet visability-

early in the moring the pattern was easy smallies on top in 75-90 feet of water pop-r's catching the most..i lost a SWEET! smallie on a pop-r he did a nice back flip while spitting the bait back at me..:eek::(:(:(

we caught several fish on a 7" pumkin seed worm t-rigged. and a small-1/4oz- spinner bait with a white/blue skirt..

it is quite awesome to see them charge up from 50+ feet of water to plow a bait going through a tree top 5 feet down.. i hate the waiting...

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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