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I couldn't stand it anymore so, I ditched work and headed to Jordan yesterday. I arrived at the lake at about 1pm and began by looking (trollin around trying to mark some fish in some deep water locations that I've fished before but nothing. It appeared that the folks around the bridges weren't having much luck either. There was an 11mph wind not real bad but just hard enough to be a real pain in the neck.

I headed back into one of the creeks to get out of wind and to look for a little warmer water. The Corp of Engineers says the water temp was 52 degrees, my depthfinder was reading 64 degress for the surface temp. I started vertical jigging with a 1/16th oz white jig around brushpiles and some blow downs in about 4 to 5 feet of water without a bite. After, about 30 minutes I changed colors to chartruese and began picking fish almost right way . Of course, the first fish of the day had to be a Bowfin. However, it was fun on 6# test and an 11 ft. Noodle Rod. I caught a few Crappie in this location all about 8-10 inches and a couple of small bass.

Then, decided to look for another spot. I rode up to the next cove that had timber and blow downs in the back and began to let the wind push the boat to the back when in about 4ft of water I picked up my first Crappie fishing 2 ft deep. I caught several fish and just got tired of fighting the wind with the trolling motor so I anchored off. I fished with minnows 1 1/2 ft to 2 ft deep until about 6:30 and caught 25 crappie. Most of the fish were females around 10 inches weighing about 12oz. I just can't get these fish to come out to 2 pounds with the stupid scale that I bought.

The bottom line is that the Crappie are transitioning to shallower water and the lake is warming up fast with our recent weather. Fish the creeks and coves around brush and timber in 3 to 5 ft of water. Please, let the little ones go.
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