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Lake Jordan - Thursday, 3/30

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Since I have the week off for spring break (teachers need a break, too) ... and I have my honey-do list caught up, I took the day and fished at Lake Jordan. I put in at Farrington Point at about 11:30 and stayed on the water for about 3 hours. Saw several breaking fish in the shallows but could not convince them to get in the 'yak with me. (Yes, Lefty, I caught some sticks.) Fishing-wise, the day was a bust.

On the other hand, I would have sold my Prowler 15 today for a faster boat. I thoroughly enjoyed just paddling out to Bush Creek and exploring the edges and feeders dumping into the lake. Saw egrets, buzzards, a red-tail hawk and some shore-bound wildlife. I could not have asked for a more beautiful day.

Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow in Wilmington or Saturday near Charlotte. If not, it will still be a good day on the water.

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If you are Yakking on the ICW - the reds bite is hot, some trout too. And if ya hold your mouth just right you might get a flounder. Good luck
Didn't take the 'yak to Wilmington on Friday as I had to spend my time there looking for an apartment for my youngest prize pig for the summer. I did cast a line at the lower bridge at Wrightsville. No luck but only fished for about 30 minutes while my bride was making some phone calls.

Went to visit the in-laws in Charlotte and got to fish a farm pond. Managed to get a real nice bream bite and a couple of small bass (about a pound each ... may have been the same fish twice).

Both days were beautiful so the fishing was secondary to enjoying the gifts of the Creator. Next weekend ... Salter Path and the search for reds, trout, and flounder.
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