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I didn't have a lot of time this morning for much fishing but glad I got a chance to get out. I worked a few spots but the water is down so no luck in usual places. Noticed something big chasing fish in the extreme shallow end and looked like there were maybe four to five big fish feeding. Tried tossing a buzz bait and speed craw in vicinity with no takers.

Finally settled for my favorite topwater spot and tossed around the cove. Had one small swirl strike but didn't seem all that big. Started working along the banks some and about ten feet from were I am standing and in the shallows SLAM fish on. A lot of nice jumping etc and that new shiamano did a great job handling it. Finally wore it out got it to shore, used pliers to get the hook out of roof of mouth and off on its way for another day. Weighed in at a nice 4.1 pounds

I love these MTB buzz baits but wow do fish bend the snot out of the wires. Finally after bending it back and tossing it back and forth afew times finally got it back to sitting on top nicely. I like this buzz since ya can use a nice slow retrieve and seems to outperform every other buzz I have tried.

No luck later on speed craw but had to head home since I only had 1:30 on the lake today.

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