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Lake Maps Software Opinions Needed

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I just purchased a Lowrance Elite-5 HDI fish finder and now need some maps software. I know it is not technically software but rather data.

As I will be fishing mainly Jordan and Harris, I find that the base maps show just water. No contours.

With so many options available out there, I really don't want to make an expensive mistake getting the wrong maps. Of the options, I see Navionics and Lowrance the most popular maps.

What is your opinion on this? What do you think of the layout and details of the maps of the brand and maps that you have?

Also, I would be open to older versions you may have sitting around. It really should be on a micro SD card. Let me know if you have something. Loaners?
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I have a Navionics Hot Spot card that I do not use anymore since have only been fishing saltwater, it is down in Oriental, will bring it to Holly Springs this weekend. It think it is only an SD card, not a micro SD, but will check to see if it is a micro in an SD holder. Where are located?
I am in the Fort Bragg/Spring Lake area.
I have a Navionics Hotmaps Premium card that is a year or two old that I use most of the time, it has much better detail than the Insight maps on my Lowrance units and an older Navionics card that I use in my front unit.
The card is a HotMaps Premium '09, but is a SD card not a micro. Do not believe you can copy onto another card. Does the unit only accept micro SD?
It only takes microSD cards. I don't know if it could be copied.
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