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Results from Lake Norman, small club tourney on Sat. 6:30-3:00.
1st. place [email protected]
2nd place [email protected]
3rd place [email protected] lbs
Big Fish 2.42lbs
Reported patterns schooling fish with top waters, traps, cranks and a-rig. Many small fish boated from schooling fish. We were lucky to find a school and I know I boated 10 or more, but only two nuts that would keep. Tried finding them deep but no luck for us,my son Barret got 2nd with his coming off point with football jig.;)But as always it was great to be out on the water. Lake is down about 3ft and water temps from 90 to 82 degree in area we fished. God bless all and keep safe.:D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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