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I fish Kerr Scott when I can. I do a lot of learning, but not much catching. A few weeks ago, I had a really good day while camping at Fort Hamby with the folks.

Went out early with my Dad, unfortunatley he didn't catch any, but he seemed to enjoy watching me bring in two nice ones, 2-3 lbr's. A little later, went out w/ my son, caught two more good ones, and the boy caught two real nice rainbow trout, I think 15 and 17 in. Went out again w/ both kids, anchored up in a bend in a creek, little girl caught a bunch of bream, boy caught a nice bass, and some bream, We got a nice catfish a few lbs, and threw in a bait hook with a bream on it hoping for another cat, and got my fifth nice bass of the day.:D
This past weekend I had my first hookups w/ weightless plastic worm, using technique I was shown last week. Missed em ALL on the hookset, but now I know it's not impossible, as I was believing it was a conspiracy to sell a bunch of fake worms.:eek:

Will be posting pics soon, plus some Mitchell River trout caught by the kids Saturday morning of Open Harvest (they had a blast).
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