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Late report Mahi action

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What a great weekend with some even better people. Mike and Carrie Clark, Zach and Jimmy along with myself had a short trip planned this past Saturday to poke our heads out and see what was going on to do some trolling or bottom fishing if it wasn't productive. I was talking with a buddy of mine who owns a nice 22 Proline CC all week and we were ramped up to have a good time after looking at reports all week. We didn't really have a solid game plan but knew there was a decent bite of Dolphin going and hoping to hook up with them or a King Mack really just trying to get a good hook up. We started the day late because of my actions of over sleeping (long night) but we were able to get out of the NRI around 0645 after looking for bait. We could not find any Pogies but we had some ballyhoo and cigar minnows to hold us over for the day.
We headed start out with a nice calm sea with a very slight chop and flying past past Divers rock and ended up around E buoy when we decided to drop lines. I really didn't know what to expect getting out there but we had a nice spread out the back with flat line ballyhoo, squid daisy chain, and one yo-Z's deep diver. Everything was looking great except for the feeling of the long night (self induced). We had flyers all over but weren't marking much. It was about 30 min and not marking anything on the screen when we can within 30 yards of E buoy and BOOM!!! The deep diver got hit and was stripping some good line off when it came exploding out the water. MAHI! everyone was excited to be hooked up with what we came for. It jumped several times and after I got the lines cleared it was all on Carrie to get her first Mahi to the boat. She fought the fish like a champ and when we got it next to the boat we noticed there were more with it. After scambaling around to get a pitch bait ( I should have known better then not have one) Zach was able to flip a bait out and bird nest the reel. As he was clearing it out he got bite and was lucky to have the fish clear the foul. Double hook up. We got both to the boat and gaffed them over. It was a short bite but fun.
We took pics and threw them in the box. We caught around 6 more pe-nuts and called it a day when it stopped. All in all a great day. Thanks to Zach for the invite along with Jimmy, Carrie and Mike for a great day.


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Nice catch and some great eating headed your way. Nice job
Thank you very much.
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