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Line Twist !!!

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Ok here is my problem. I am realitvy new to Fly Fishing. So when my fly-line started to look like a Spring I figured it was Line Memory. I had read some on the subject and every manufacture Claims to have less than the other. I figured it must be a big deal. I tried several techniques to straightn it. I finally sent it back. What I learned was that my line didnt have memory but rather twist. A brief explination of how repetive roll caasting to one side or some side cast was sent to me. What part of my side or overarm cast should I focous on to prevent twisting. I am almost positve its in my cast but im not sure what I need to do to fix it. Any Ideas?
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BeadHead--- The amount of twist you are describing sounds excessive for just casting. Usually any twists from casting are staightened when you retrieve line. I'm wondering if your lure is spinning in the water causing excessive twist. One tip I will pass on is to always clean and dress your fly line after each fishing trip. Stretch fly line on lawn, start at reel, apply pressure with a pad saturated with line dressing, start at reel and work to end of line. This should remove any twist while your equipement is stored. My Uncle lived to the ripe old age of 92. He started me on the fly rod at age 8. His motto was: No fly fishing trip is over until you tend to your fly line. I have his old fly rod and the line is in mint condition. Hope this helps a little bit.

Regards, Forrest
BH, What kind of line were you using? If you do as Fojoly instructed, and are using a relatively new line of descent quality, you should have no problems.
I have the Scientifc anglers GPX Mastrey sieres line. Not sure if it make alot of diffrence but its WF and I always have used DT line. Could the Weight Foward be causing some of this? I have used my old Line and Reel the last 2 times I went, seems to work alot bettr. I sent my new line to Scientif Anglers and they checked the Softness of the line core for memory and said it was ok. The Test does destroy the line so they are sending me a new line. I havent got it yet but im curious as to how it will act. They said that line twist was very common and that when it occured to remove it bu twisting it out. The said that a heavy fly of A eliptical cast can cause twisting. I wasent sure what a eliptical cast ment tho. Also the new line suggest no dressing but only clean it with Ofcourse their special cleaning pad and solution.
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BH, I have used the same Mastery Series GPX and have had no problems with it. Had you ever straightened the line before all this happened? I think you would have to be doing a crazy amount of roll casting, like all day for your line to get in that condition. Thats cool that SA is sending you a brand new line though,.....come to think of it my lines all twisted to. :rolleyes:
Hahahahah , Im sure yours is twisted <wink>. It has me very puzzled as well as some of the Veteran Fly-Fishers I go with. I had straighned it many times. I once let all the line out to the backing and then as I pulled it in ran it threw a straightner. It helped but next trip the coils were back. My buddy just couldnt figure it out. I went this past Sat. to the Davison and fished most of the day with my old DT line. I didnt have to straignt it once. That leads me to believe that my casting isnt that crazy. Only things I can figure is it was just a wierd quirk with that line or That the WF makes that much diffrence for my cast. Im glad to here that you have used the same line without any problems. May be the new line wont act up.
I highly doubt it was due to it being a WF line. The line must have been either been exposed to something that damaged it or was a manufacturing defect. You will have to let us know how you make out when you get the brand new line.
Ok the verdict is in. I got my new line back from Scientific Anglers and have fished twice with it. TO my amazment my first trip I encounterd the same Problem:mad: I switched out to my backup reel and did alot better. I had to know what the deal was with this line. My fishing buddy who has been fishing over 30 years agreed. He took my reel and line and fitted it to his rod. The second or so cast it was coiling up on him. Then after a few more cast it was gone? Some times it would be thier and others it wouldnt as opposed to when I cast it was always their. Finally we figured it out. When I strip the line in I always wind it back to the spool before casting. When he did this he got coils. His normal style tho is to strip the line in and hold the excess in his left hand. If you cast this way no coils. We did notice that the new Line on his rod gave him a better cast. Turns out he has never used Weight Foward line. Hi rod is faster action than mine and is well suited for it. It allowed him to cast probablly 10" or so more with less backhand:) Neither of us landed a fish that day but we both came off the river with a little knowledge. I have used it 1 more time since then and used the new stlye of holding my line and I am happy with the results.
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BH, So let me get this straight. Whenever you retreive your line you wind it onto your reel like a spinning or baitcasting reel as opposed to actually stripping it in and letting it either sit on the ground/water, in your hand, or in a stripping basket?
basilwilliam said:
BH, So let me get this straight. Whenever you retreive your line you wind it onto your reel like a spinning or baitcasting reel as opposed to actually stripping it in and letting it either sit on the ground/water, in your hand, or in a stripping basket?
"BH, So let me get this straight" Lol is that a pun? :p
Well if you put like the way you said it it sounds pretty dumb.:eek: The only fishing I have ever done was with a spining rod so I guess that is where I picked that up. One thing to consider is that Mills River and others are very small in sections.Its not uncommon to roll cast. I think that inforced my technique of no excess line in my left hand.I could just pull out what I needed and roll cast a section. since I have started Fly fishing I have found that it is the little things that are just understood that have got me. A good example Is I didnt know to twist my rod as I snaped it together for the longest time.
BH, I did not intend for my statement to be degrading to you in anyway. I began fly fishing on my own without any instruction or anyone to mentor me so I made up a few of my own special techniques when I was first getting started. I just think that retreiving the line with your reel on every cast would be very cumbersome. Also I use what they call a strip strike to strike and set the hook which requires you to use your left hand (for right handed casters) to retreive the line. Its also good to have some extra line off the reel in case you need to send out a quick long cast and "shoot" some line.

Remember, if your catching fish and having fun then there is no one who can tell you your doing something wrong.
Thanks Basil, I did go yesterday to mills river and didnt even get a hit. Im getting better at holding and releasing the line. It is actually easyer until I trip over it lol. That only happend once tho. I just couldnt get those fish intrested in anything.
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