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Little River DH

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Hit the Little River DH in Transylvania County last week.

Caught a 15" rainbow on a roadrunner spinner lure and saw several other trout.
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Be sure to post pictures when you've got them. ;) Welcome aboard!
I don't have any pictures.


Something about carrying a camera around on slick rocks and in swift water.......

I usually manage to fall in the creek at least once when I go trout fishing.

Would not want to bust a good camera (don't have a digital camera: 35mm)

Besides the fish flipped back into the water before I could really do anything with it. Which is have to release them right now on delayed harvest waters anyway.
I understand completely about carrying a camera around water. My 15-year old son received a nice Canon digital last year for Christmas and carried it with him to a birthday party at Lake Wheeler. Someone pushed him in with the camera in his pocket. $250 gone just like that. :(
Those digital cameras don't hold up well while whitewater rafting either.... enough said. :rolleyes:
I need to buy a small digital camera in a water-proof housing. If anyone has a recommendation let me know. :)
Thanks Dave. I just found that site about 5 minutes ago. :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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