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Little River (Durham, NC)

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Took the day off from work and hoped that the rain would be light. Luckily it only drizzled / misted the entire day. Started around 7:45am and fished until 2pm. Caught the first largemouth around 9am on a carolina rig with black with green speckle plastic lizard (6"). My total: 3 largemouth.
My buddies total: 4 largemouth - He caught one fish on a rattletrap and the rest on a carolina rig using either a red or green pumpkin lizards.
Not a great day, but at least it beats work. It felt good to pull up some descent sized largemouths. Plus my dad got some fresh fish to eat (I never keep any, today was a first).:)


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Hey Tripp - nice day! Were you shoreline or in a boat? Where do you park/launch to get into the Little River - I'm sure I must have driven above it on the road, but am not sure exactly where it is or how to get into it.

I was actually at the Little River Reservior / Lake. Since the lake is Durham's water supply, you must use their equipment. They will let you bring your own battery, but you have to use their trolling motor and jon boat. The cost is $18 for 6 hours (1/2 day) for a boat with battery and trolling motor. I hate to pay to fish, but it is a nice if the bass aren't biting there are some big crappie.
Here is the link to the website:
Durham, NC - City of Medicine

I hope that helps!
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