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Local Pond 5/16/14

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Figured I'd do a quick write up for an outing I had on Friday.. I went to a pond in Cary in the afternoon, around 2:30 pm or so and stayed for a couple hours. I had tried to stop by a few other spots but the heavy rains from Thursday had them flooded to the point that they were unfishable. This pond I've only been to once before, in the dead of winter and had no luck, but I'd spoken to a few people about it being a good spot with plenty of bass and a few big ones.

I began by throwing a black and blue swim jig, and to my absolute surprise had a bite before my first cast even made it a foot into the water. It shocked me so much I thought I'd gotten caught on something and began reeling to find a nice fish! My jig had just hit the water and within 2 seconds the bass had hopped on. A great sign for fishing a new pond :cool: I got one more on the jig and then switched over to a strike king square bill crankbait in the sexy shad color. The one I have is a 1.5 so it dives 3-5 ft I believe, though this pond is relatively shallow.

This bait on this particular day was magic. I landed another 5 bass within the hour and lost two or three. Actually I got two baby bass, I suppose the spawn here on this body of water finished probably a couple weeks ago. None were of really notable size, but it sure was a good time to be killin' em with a bait like this. Towards the back end of the pond I even caught a very surprising fish, one which I can't identify for sure. It looks to me like a bluegill because of the stripes on its side but it's way darker than any I've ever seen, and I hadn't ever seen one go for a bait this big before either. Any input you guys can offer would be cool for identifying that bad boy.

All in all it was a great outing and I'll certainly be back at that pond, hopefully to find a couple of the bigger bass.


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Nice catches there Carolina_Matt, I also love that 1.5 in sexy shad. I see every fish is caught on the front hook. My uneducated guess is they are coming up to hit the lure and not chasing it. This suggests to me it is a good time to do a half a second pause when retrieving a crank about every four or five cranks making sure at least one of them pauses is about 5-15ft from shore. Hopefully the educated with chip in.
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